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December 24, 2014
May 19, 2017

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Very comfortable and fits my face perfectly! Nice and silky too! I work odd hours, so i sleep odd hours. It helps to block out the light and I noticed I sleep much deeper.
  Derrick Batulat

Thin with no odor or paper taste, Hario unbleached filters are always reliable…until now, it seems. I received my order on January 9th and they were still the "original" filters. Now it seems customers are receiving a new style with a convenience tab at the top of the filter and made from a heavier gauge paper. I have used such heavier filters (minus the tab) designed for Hario-style filters and sold by Tiamo from Taiwan and they do not perform as well. Oh well; time will tell. Perhaps a consumer backlash, if warranted, would convince Hario to reconsider their decision.
  Jon Boom

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